Monday, May 20, 2013

"Mech and Manabozho" and "Dancing Robot"

Fred: Kit came by Five Pines today and performed the songs from the current Turing Game. He gave us a live show after lunch and it went very well--except for the laughing. I did not anticipate the audience laughing during "Dancing Robot." So we brought Kit down to the machine vision lab and recorded him there too. These are posted below. We hired Kit and he will be playing more songs from X and Y. (Kit is our first new hire in four years. So Cole's no longer "the new guy.")

I asked Kit if he had any suspicions about which song was written by a human and which by a machine. He said, "Yes." So I did warn him that sometimes people come into the Imitation Game and try to sound like a computer. (I believe the Loebner Prize has awarded these pranks in the past.) However, I am concerned that Kit's suspicions may color his performances. So he has agreed that we send him the songs without indicating "X" or "Y" until after he performs them.

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