Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Y: Dancing Robot

[The sound of a tiny nut falling into a jet turbine, on glockenspiel]

h=hammer p=pluck s=slide
Main riff:
     A                C7   Eb D7-Am   A               EbmMAJ7 E7#9  A11
E ---0-----------------0---3---2p0----0---------------------2---0---0---
B ---2-----------------1---2---1------2---------------------3---8---0h2-
G ---2-----0-----0-----3---3---2------2-------0---2-0-------3---7---0h2-
D ---2-0h2---0h2---0---2---1----------2-0h2p0---0-----2-0-1-1---6---0h2-
A -0-0---------------3-3------------0-0-----------------------7-7---0---
E ------------------------------------------------------------0---------

That robot’s moving like a robot dancing badly
That robot’s dancing like it’s never moved around before
I could go on for hours criticizing that robot
Can’t they make a robot these days with more accomplished dancing skills?
C13: 0-0-2-3-3-0
It’s a mashed potato

F#7: 0-4-4-3-2-0
It’s a popping, locking,

C9no5: 0-3-0-3-1-0
bumping, grinding, twisting, breaking,

F#aug: X-X-4-3-3-2
jittering, buggy

Eaug: X-X-2-1-1-0 [slide up to A, return to main riff]
pile of nuts and bolts

And it’s dancing too mechanically

That robot is reverse engineering our dances
It’s got 4D models of Gene Astaire and Ginger Tharp inside of its head
Improved genetic algorithmic dance moves make me look worse by comparison
So I contend that dancing robot threatens all the dances of humanity

[Glockenspiel, now melodic]

   5x         5x           5x
   C13 Gm     F#7  B11-C11 C9no5               F#aug   G#aug   A*
E -0---3-0-----0---4-2s3---0---------------------2-------4-----5-
B -3---3-11s12-2---5-2s3---1-----------------------3-------5---5-
G -3---3-10s11-3---0-2s3---3-------------------------3-------5-6-
D -2---0-0-----4---0-2s3---0-------0---1h2p1p0-4-------6-------7-
A -0-----------4-----2s3---3-0h3p0---0-------------------------7-
E -------------------2s3---------------------------------------5-

*=barre chords

A*                   C#7*
Dancing robot take a bearing for courage

F#7                   C7             E7            A*
Your corporeality may one day be all eignen-dances superimposed

          A7*                           C#*               C#7*
‘Til then cut a zillion carpets of your own in polynomial time,

X-X-9-9-9-X [bend]
                                              0-1-0-1-1-2   X-0-7-9-10-0
F#7                              C7                E9b5b6      A5
Dancing is for dancing’s sake so let your shape be everwhat it means

[Pure tone from 1046.505Hz to 1108.73Hz]

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